Current Construction and Road Closures

The Schuyler County Highway Department is pleased to announce its Road and Bridge work program for the 2019 construction season.  The County has continued the investment on preserving our current infrastructure utilizing surface treatment and hot mix asphalt overlays.

Below is an overview of the planned projects for the Schuyler County Highway Department for 2019.

Capital Bridge Projects

Mill Street Bridge over Chequaga Falls, Village of Montour, Bridge Rehabilitation

            Construction bid to Economy Paving - $1,095,590.15

            Hunt Engineers to conduct construction inspection

            Construction time frame: April 2019 thru October 2019.  Beginning April 8th through October 1st, the Mill Street Bridge over Chequaga Falls located in the Village of Montour Falls will be closed for major rehabilitation.  Detours will be posted.

            $1.910 Million; Bridge NY project, Federal 95%, Local 5%

2019 Capital Road Projects

CR-6; Town of Catharine/Hector, from Vanloon Road to SR-79, 7.0 miles to be completed May 2020

CR-16; Town of Dix, from SR-414 to Gate 2 WGI, 2.5 miles

Total miles = 9.5

2019 Road Maintenance

Oil and Stone/Chip Seal Projects

CR-3; Town of Hector, from SR-227 to Tompkins Line = 0.11 miles

CR-6; Town of Catherine, from CR-10 to Vanloon Road = 2.65 miles

CR- 16; Town of Orange, from Evergreen Road to Steuben Line = 5.20 miles

CR-20; Town of Dix, from SR-414 to CR-19 = 0.28 miles

CR-23A; Town of Tyrone, from SR-226 to CR-23 = 0.53 miles

CR-26; Town of Tyrone, from SR-230 to Yates Line = 1.11 miles

CR-28; Town of Reading, from Village of WG to CR-23 RR Crossing = 1.16 miles

CR-31; Town of Dix, from SR-414 to Village of Montour Falls Line = 0.22 miles

Total miles = 11.26