Superintendent's Welcome

Schuyler County maintains 121.37 miles of roads throughout the eight towns of the County. This network includes a range of road classifications, including residential, rural, and high volume roads. This system requires a varied approach to highway maintenance. Due to this diversity and limited budget with which to operate, the Highway Department has established and continues to implement maintenance and construction techniques that produce the best results with the money available.

Shared Services is the Highway Department’s greatest achievement that has created a partnership with the Towns, Villages, Schools, Hospital, Fire Departments, and Emergency Services. This cooperative effort has been very effective in producing a profitable return on investment to the community.

Road construction projects, both major and minor, are completed by a combination of county, town, village and contracted forces. Similarly, the county is frequently sought to work with towns and villages on their road projects. It is common to find the towns and villages doing their own work with equipment and operators that belongs to Schuyler County.

The county bridge system has been vigorously addressed over the past few years. The deficiency rating has been significantly reduced, and it is now rare to receive a notice of a "Red Flag" closure of a bridge by the state inspection crew. Schuyler County maintains 49 bridges.

As far as snow and ice control is concerned, Schuyler County monitors all of its own roads. Some of the Towns maintain some of the county road network, and we in turn maintain some of their roads.

Ken Thurston, Highway Superintendent