Schuyler County 911 Dispatch Center
The Schuyler County 911 Dispatch Center is the public answering point for all Schuyler County emergency services. The dispatch center is staffed by nine full-time and four part-time dispatchers. The center is located at the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office and is manned 24/7, with two dispatchers on at all times.

Currently, the Schuyler County 911 Dispatch Center dispatches nine different volunteer fire departments and three different volunteer ambulances in Schuyler County. The dispatch center also dispatches for the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office, Watkins Glen Police Department, and the New York State Police.

Enhanced 911
Currently, the dispatch center is equipped with the Enhanced 911 system. This means that when someone calls in to the dispatch center on 911, whether they stay on the line or not, their phone number and address are displayed on a screen for the dispatcher to see. This is helpful when the person calling might pass out or become incapacitated.

The dispatch center is also equipped to handle incoming TDD / TDY calls. This allows the dispatcher to communicate with people who are hearing impaired or deaf. The dispatcher and caller can carry on a conversation by typing codes and words into a pad that are then sent through the phone line and displayed on a screen at the caller’s location.

Phone Numbers for Dispatch Center & Police Agencies in Schuyler County
Service / Agency
Phone Number
Emergency phone calls
Emergency phone calls
(607) 535-6642
Sheriff’s Office non-emergency phone line (administrative line)
(607) 535-8222
Watkins Glen Police Department
(607) 535-7181
New York State Police Montour Falls
(607) 535-7731