What are some benefits of probation supervision to the community versus incarceration?

Probation supervision lightens the jail population by allowing people to be under supervision instead of locked up in jail or prison.  Although a probation sentence can be coupled with a jail term, most often probation is a sentence in and of itself and helps people avoid incarceration all together. This helps drastically reduce the prison population while giving the probationer the opportunity to make positive behavioral changes through access to services and treatment in the community. On average, there are more people under probation supervision in New York State than there are people incarcerated through the Department of Community Corrections or under Parole Supervision combined. Another benefit is actual costs between incarceration and probation. In general, incarceration costs anywhere from 10-15 times more than the amount of the cost to supervise someone under probation. Probation supervision results in a major cost savings to both the counties and New York State by diverting so many people away from the jail/prison system.

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