Probations General Services

Probation Supervision is one of the most widely used alternative to incarceration sentences with the purpose of holding a probationer accountable while modifying their criminal behavior to acceptable law abiding behavior. Probation supervision is used as a sentence in both the Criminal Courts as well as Family Courts in New York State. Probation supervision holds an offender accountable for their criminal behavior, yet allows them to continue functioning in the community while guiding them toward law abiding behavior through specific court ordered terms and conditions. Probation numbers across New York State total approximately 125,000 probationers. That is more than the Department of Corrections, with approximately 65,000 inmates, and Parole with approximately 50,000 parolees, combined. The daily administrative operation of probation departments are controlled by local government through each county, but all departments receive directives for their operation through rules and regulations promulgated by the Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives. The majority of funding for probation services is received primarily through the county, but there is a small portion of state reimbursement for some probation services.

A sentence of probation supervision allows an individual to remain as a functioning member of society without the restrictions, limitations and costs of incarceration. For a majority of first time and low level offenders, a sentence of probation supervision is all that is needed to prompt law abiding behavior without the burden of incarceration to society and the defendant. The Schuyler County Probation Department offers many services to the community that can save our county government money, benefit the community, assist our court systems as well as influence law abiding behavior in probationers. Major services provided by Schuyler County Probation are outlined below.