LTCC Long Term Care Council

Long Term Care Council
What is the Long Term Care Council (LTCC) ?
  1. A group of individuals representing stakeholders who are serving Schuyler County residents. The responsibility will be to continuously build and maintain a collaborative network to advance the Point of Entry (POE) and coordination within the local long term care system. The council will function in an advisory capacity.
What will it look like?
Mandated members include:
    • DSS Commissioner
    • OFA Director
Membership must be representative of the community it serves. Potential members include but are not limited to:
  • Early Intervention Programs
  • Nursing Homes
  • Adult Care and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Hospital
  • Community Agencies serving the LTC needs of the community
  • Church Community
  • Senior Housing
  • Educational System
  • Consumers
  • Others? Need to ID
Will need to appoint committees:
  • Membership
  • Bylaws
  • Others may be identified
    What is the role of the LTCC?
    The LTCC will work in conjunction with the leadership and administrative support from the lead agencies. Meetings will be scheduled on a regular basis with frequency based on the needs identified.
    Specific Activities of the LTCC:
    1. Monitoring POE service gaps and working with appropriate partners to address them.
    2. Ensure that consumers are represented on the council.
    3. Address and help plan for needs unique to our community.
    4. Have an active role in the service evaluation process with consumer input.
    5. Develop new resources to assist or enhance the LTC system including plans for overcoming barriers.
    6. Identify, develop and maintain relationships with policy makers and funding organizations.
    Other points of the LTCC
    • Keep in mind that LTC choices tend to be made in a crisis mode.
    • Need to think beyond the medical model.
    • Consumers choose the least restrictive, least costly care even though it may be a riskier choice.
    • Do not need all identified partners at the table at one time on a regular basis. Can work in a rotating fashion.