9. Requirements for Advanced Treatment Units (Aerobic Treatment Units, etc)

The use of an Advanced Treatment Unit, such as Aerobic Treatment Units, Microbial Inoculators, Peat and Textile Filters, etc., is permissible for use in Schuyler County provided they meet the following conditions:

  • Designed and approved by a licensed design professional
  • Have met NSF Class 1 (Standard 40) Certification Criteria
  • Have been approved for use in NYS by the NYS DOH
  • Have been approved for use by the WPA
  • Have and maintain a service agreement with manufacture approved representative for the life of
  • the unit
  • Has an audio and visual warning device alerting the occupants of failure or malfunction
  • Has no surface discharge
A copy of the service agreement shall be submitted to the WPA prior to the initial service start up. The WPA shall be notified of any and all service activities for the entire life of the system, regardless of system or property ownership, and such information must be provided to the WPA upon request.
The use of an approved ATU does afford a considerable amount of treatment of the wastewater generated. However, it does not eliminate the water generated and therefore an acceptable means of ATU effluent dispersal is still required. All minimum separation distances, NYS DOH and County Watershed regulations still apply.