Perc Test

Percolation Test Hole Preparation
(Please follow all directions unless directed otherwise)

Prepare three (3) holes one (1) foot square, to a prescribed depth (normally 24 inches)
30 feet apart, in a triangle in the area proposed by the WPA for the treatment system.
They must be at least 100 feet away from any well area or stream, including those on
adjoining lots. The percolation holes MUST be dug with a hand shovel, NOT a backhoe.

Scratch the sides and bottom of the test holes to restore any smeared soil surfaces. This
improves the test's accuracy.

Remove all loose material from the holes, and presoak the holes by filling with water and
allowing it to seep away.

During heavy rain or freezing weather, cover each test hole with plastic, plywood, or
similar material.

Provide containers filled with water. A minimum of five (5) gallons of water is needed for
each test hole.

Once all the holes have been prepared and the water is on site, contact the WPA. The
inspector will conduct the percolation test within the next couple of days when it suits
their scheduling. The applicant need not be present during the percolation test.