6. Instructions for OWTS Contractors

Prior to beginning construction of any repair, replacement or new construction wastewater treatment system, the WPA should be notified by the contractor a minimum of 24 hours before hand, so as to allow better inspection services. Inspections of completed works are typically conducted in the afternoons between 12:30 and 4:00 pm. In an effort to achieve efficiency, the inspector is normally on the east side of the County Monday and Wednesday, the west side on Tuesday and Thursday, and one or the other on Friday.

For those wastewater treatment systems not designed by the WPA, a county construction permit is still required prior to beginning construction, and shall be available on site in the case of an inspection. For recording purposes and general compliance issues, the OWTS still requires inspection by the WPA prior to backfilling system components. However, the WPA does not “approve” of the construction or authorize the backfilling of said system. Final construction approval and authorization to cover the system must be obtained by the design professional.
For those OWTS designed through the WPA, all aspects of the approved plan shall be followed and all system components must be inspected prior to backfilling.

For sand filter systems, only approved sand filter medium may be used. An inspection of the excavated sand filter pit may be required, prior to the placement of the filter sand, at the discretion of the WPA.

For systems requiring the placement of fill material (such as a Raised Fill System, Raised Dispersal Bed, Shallow Trench System, etc) a percolation test shall be done following the placement of the fill material, with a representative of the WPA present to verify the results.

For systems utilizing an approved Aerobic Treatment Unit or Enhanced Treatment Unit, a Service Agreement is required for the life of the system. A copy of the service agreement shall be submitted to the WPA prior to the initial service start up. The WPA shall be notified of any and all service activities for the entire life of the system.
Following a successful final inspection, a “Certificate of Approval” shall be provided to the applicant. In the event of non-compliance (backfilling system components prior to inspection, inadequate construction material, blatant or willful negligence/disregard of the construction permit and design components), all matters of recourse and rectification shall be at the discretion of the WPA.

All ground disturbance activities from construction shall utilize appropriate erosion and sediment control techniques. For those construction activities that disturb 1 or more acres of land (or for areas less than one acre but with direct hydrologic connectivity, i.e. lakefront or streamside) it is required by the NYS DEC to gain coverage under a General Permit by developing a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and filing a Notice of Intent with the state. A copy of the SWPPP shall be made available to the WPA upon request. Additional assistance regarding Stormwater regulations can be found by visiting http://www.schuylerswcd.com/index.html and by calling the Schuyler County Soil and Water Conservation District at 607-535-6878.