Approved Sand Sources

Sources of Sand Filter Treatment Medium (Filter Sand)

The facilities listed below have demonstrated the ability to provide filter sand that meets the specifications of Part 75-A of the NYS Sanitary Code and is acceptable for use in sand filter wastewater treatment systems in Schuyler County. The listing does not guarantee continued availability as an approved sand source. This listing is not an endorsement or recommendation, but is provided for convenience for contractors and applicants.

It is the responsibility of the wastewater system installer to use materials that meet the specifications below. Other sources may be used to provide filter sand if an analysis of the sand, provided to the WPA prior to construction, indicates the sand meets the following specifications:

  • Sand must be clean and course
  • All material must pass through ¼ inch sieve
  • The 10% effective grain size must be between 0.25 mm and 1.0 mm
  • The uniformity coefficient (ratio of grain size that is 60% finer than itself to the size which has 10% finer than itself) must be 4.0 or less

The analysis must be performed by an independent laboratory capable of completing the sieve analysis.

Facilities where approved sand may be available:

Porters Sand and Gravel
Waverly, PA

RMS Gravel, Inc.
PO Box 455, Mott Road
Dryden, NY 13053
(607) 844-8196
Fax: (607) 844 3752

University Sand and Gravel Co., Inc.

13 Perkins Road
Brooktondale, NY 14817
(607) 539-7105

F.S. Lopke Contracting, Inc.
3430 State Route 434
Apalachin, NY 13732
Phone: 607-687-1114
Fax: 607-687-1856

Angelo Sand & Gravel
310 Hill View Road
Spencer, NY 14883
(607) 273-1535