Services & Regulatory Activity

The Watershed Protection Agency (WPA) is an agency within Schuyler County Public Health Department. We receive funding through revenue (through our fee supported services) and local county appropriations. We are both a regulatory and service agency, providing the following:
  • Environmental health complaint response and referral
  • Lamoka Waneta Lakes Wastewater Treatment System Inspection program
  • Onsite Wastewater Treatment Program - Permitting, design, and inspections for new and replacement systems
  • Real property transfer, wastewater treatment system inspections, and water quality testing
  • Water quality sampling
  • Water well site approval

Wastewater Treatment Regulation

Schuyler County WPA has regulatory authority of wastewater treatment systems in the county. The WPA (through its contractual professional engineer) provides design and inspection services for most new and replacement wastewater treatment systems.

All real property transfers with a requested inspection (either the buyer, seller, lending institution, or attorney) of the wastewater treatment system must be conducted by a representative of the WPA.

Water Sampling & Monitoring

The WPA also has complete water quality sampling and monitoring services through our partnership with Microbac Laboratories, a NYS certified laboratory for drinking water, wastewater, and solid waste.

The WPA provides water quality sampling needs for a vast majority of regulated facilities within the county, as well as sampling services for most real property transfers, new well construction and some surface water sampling.

A courier service provides delivery and pick-up to our office Tuesday through Friday, excluding holidays and the day after holidays.