The Schuyler County Legislature established an Economic Development Special Revenue Fund to provide resources for targeted community development and growth.  These resources are available to all local municipalities, non-profit and quasi-governmental organizations in Schuyler County and seek to pair county funds with local resources for projects that positively impact the overall county economy.   The Economic Development Fund is another example of how the county looks to partner with its municipalities and non-profits to improve the quality of life in our area. The Legislature urges potential applicants to be innovative and creative in designing sustainable projects that advance the socio-economic position of the county and its residents.

To request Economic Development Fund resources, the Legislature has created this easy-to-navigate process and designed a transparent evaluation methodology for project approval.  Feel free to examine the Scoring Matrix link on this page to better understand the scoring criteria. Feel free to examine the Scoring Matrix link on this page to better understand the scoring criteria.

The process is easy:

  1. Download the fillable application file. 
  2. Complete all sections of the application.  Should you need assistance with any part of the application, contact Kristin VanHorn, Director of Planning, at (607) 535-8211 or
  3. Submit your completed application to the Office of the County Administrator via email at
  4. Submitted applications will be evaluated and scored upon receipt.   

NOTE:  There are no deadlines in the application process.  Applications will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis. 


The Community Development and Natural Resources Committee (CDNR) will evaluate applications and recommend projects and funding levels to the County Legislature.  Every effort will be made to present submissions to CDNR Committee as quickly as practicable to expedite the application process.

The county will distribute Economic Development Fund resources (subject to availability) in consideration and evaluation of the following project priorities (in no particular order):

  • Downtown/hamlet development
  • Agricultural development
  • Infrastructure upgrades/development
  • Job expansion/retention
  • Providing essential services to residents
  • Improve quality of life
  • Provide resources for gap in funding a project
  • Tourism enhancements

 Other criteria the legislature will consider include: 

  • Impact on the largest number of community members
  • Serves a broad segment of the population
  • Ability to leverage additional funding or private investment
  • Innovative or creative solutions to existing regional challenges
  • Organization’s demonstrated ability to implement the project
  • Demonstrates sound financial plans for future funding (sustainability) of the project/program 
  • Impact relative to county/ local municipality economy and tax base
  • Consistency with local and regional development goals and objectives 
  • Numbers and types of jobs retained and /or created
  • Projects should have substantial benefits beyond their site. How will the project spur additional development, activity, or other improvements in Schuyler County? 

The county will communicate with project sponsors throughout the process to keep all parties informed.  Awards will be communicated and publicized at the convenience of the CDNR Committee and Schuyler County Legislature.

We invite Schuyler County municipalities, non-profits, and quasi-governmental organizations to apply and look forward to working with them to make their projects come to life!